Thursday, May 23, 2019

Reference Books Available Full Text Online!

Did you know that we have two sets of reference books available online full text? We have over 50 books available from Gale Publishers. We have a variety of subjects but many of them concern health and education (funding college, test preparation, etc) If you go to our web page and click on GVRL Research Matters, you will see the whole list. You can also search all of the books at one time by using the search bar on the icon. The other company we have books from is Salem Press/Greyhouse Publishing. We have a much smaller collection from this company. Many of them cover social issues. The two newest titles we will soon add to this collection will be on Immigration and Drug Use and Abuse. To find this collection, you have to click on an old link at the bottom of our page called The History of the Sixties. After you put your library card number in you will see a search bar to search all the books in the collection and under it a list of the books so that they can be read individually.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Book Discussion to be Rescheduled

Due to a schedule conflict, May's book discussion will have to be rescheduled for either Monday evening or the following Saturday. If you were planning on attending, please let us know your preference by emailing, messaging our Facebook account, taking the poll on our Facebook page, or calling the library. 

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