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Over the past few years, we have been gradually making improvements to our building to reach a goal of better accessibility to meet the needs of all of our patrons. Several years ago we had automatic doors installed to make it easier to get into the building. Then we had the circulation desk redesigned to allow our staff to interact with seated patrons and children more easily. (The old desk was too high for a seated person to look over or put a book on.) Our latest project has been renovating the rest rooms on both levels to improve their accessibility. On the lower level, that meant tearing out doors and moving fixtures for a better design. On the main floor we will be making improvements to the doors, lighting and ventilation of existing rest rooms, but we will also be creating a whole new restroom that will be entirely handicapped accessible, and more accommodating to families with young children that need assistance.

 This is how the old Internet Theater looked last Thursday.
 This is how it looked Monday morning. The box is the new handicapped accessible restroom that is being installed. Size limitations prevented our old main floor restrooms from being totally accessible. We have seen people leave their walkers outside the old restrooms because it was such a tight fit. This new one will allow those using walkers or wheelchairs much more room to maneuver.  
The renovation on the restrooms on the lower level has already been completed. Here are some of the improvements that were made:
 A baby changing station was added to both rest rooms.
 The sinks in both restrooms were moved to the other wall to allow the stalls to be enlarged. This greatly improved accessibility. The sinks have no faucets; they sense movement and turn the water on and off automatically. In addition, the lighting, drainage, and ventilation were all upgraded.
 The narrow doors on each end of the hall leading to the women's rest room were removed and replaced with one much wider door. The doors now open and close more easily so that they meet the standards for accessibility. Emergency lighting was installed, so that in case of power failure, people could see to exit.
The old water fountain (which leaked) was replaced with a bi-level unit which allows easy use from either a standing or sitting position. This new unit comes with a bottle filler so that people can refill their water bottles with cold water. The main floor fountain will also be replaced with one of these units. 

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