Meeting space is limited. Priority is given to library programs and our community non-profit partners on a first request, first served basis. Programs should be free and open to the public. To inquire about meeting room space, call the library at 797-8510, Monday through Thursday or Saturday 9-5 and ask to speak to the Assistant Director. We prefer at least one week's notice. Events should be scheduled to end 1/2 hour before library closing time. Those attending events in the meeting room should park behind the library off Walnut Street in the library lot or the city lot behind it and enter through the Walnut Street doors.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weirton Area Literacy Council Meeting

The Weirton Area Literacy Council will hold their monthly meeting at the library on Thursday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m. Since April is National Poetry Month, the council will be doing a salute to poetry. Plans are being made for some members of the council to attend the Literacy WV State Conference at Cedar Lakes on April 20 and May 1.

Myth Or Reality |

There are many misconceptions among the public about how libraries are funded. The following link is very informative about the reality of library funding.

Myth Or Reality

Another false impression that some people have is that we get books for free from publishers. We do get a discount on some titles, but not all and the discount is not much larger than what the general public gets on Amazon.

A timely reality is that library funding is tied to population. This is one more reason for people to respond to their census questionnaire. Libraries and other public agencies only get funded for the number of people that are listed in their service area according to the census. The library doesn't get money to serve people who are not counted in the census. This often means that libraries and other agencies are serving more people than they are getting funding for.

Libraries in different areas receive differing amounts of funding per person. In 2002 the average amount that libraries in the US received per person was $30.32. Our funding level is not anywhere near that.

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