Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Upcoming Workshops - WV Deli

There will be two additional workshops in March on using ebook readers to access the material in WV Deli. These workshops will both be held at Swaney Memorial Library in New Cumberland. The first will focus on using Kindles and Kindle apps to access the material. It will be held at noon on Tuesday, March 13. The second workshop will focus on using the Nook and similar devices. It will be held on Thursday, March 29th, also at noon. If you are considering purchasing a device, you are welcome to attend either or both workshops.

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss on March 2nd

Shown are some Dr. Seuss books that were among the many memorials added to the collection in honor of our former Children's Librarian, Sandy Reardon
Click here for more ways to celebrate all things Seuss!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Invitation for Public Input

The Mary H. Weir Public Library is currently preparing to submit its “5 Year Technology Plan” as required by the West Virginia Library Commission.“The Mary H. Weir Public Library 5 Year Technology Plan” will be written by the Library Board and staff with input and comments from users in the local community. It will be approved by the Mary H. Weir Public Library Board and filed with the West Virginia Library Commission.

“The Mary H. Weir Public Library Technology Plan” will cover July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2017 addressing public information and services and the technology that may be used to provide these services.

The Library has scheduled three public meetings for community input for this 5 Year Technology Plan. Email your planned attendance to or accept open invitation to:

Weekday meeting -  Wednesday, March 14, 2012  10:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon.
Evening meeting - Wednesday, March 14, 2012   6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Weekend meeting - Saturday, March 17, 2012  10:00 AM. To 12:00 Noon.

The Library will accept input by email from anyone not able to attend meetings. The public is invited to respond to one or all questions:

During the next five years,

1 What services do you want your Mary H. Weir Public Library to provide?

2. What could or should the Mary H. Weir Library provide to the community with technology?

3. Can the Library  “do it better” with technology in the future? How?

4. What opportunities do you see for the resources of the emerging technology at the library to benefit you and impact the community?

Please send your response to by April 3, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Presidential Trivia

Yesterday was Presidents Day. It seems that some presidents have a great deal written about them, while others remain a mystery to us. We don't hear much about President Tyler, but over the weekend I saw one of his grandsons being interviewed on television. Now, in case you're not up on your presidential history, President Tyler was born in 1790! It seems that he had a son by his second marriage when he was 63 and that son had a son by his second marriage when he was 75. Tyler's grandson, Harrison Tyler, is now in in his eighties and living on the family plantation in Virginia.

At the library, we have two books based on odd bits of presidential trivia. Both are written by Matthew Algeo. The President is a Sick Man concerns a little known secret surgery performed at sea on Grover Cleveland. Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure tells the tale of a road trip Harry and Bess Truman took alone after he was president. Today we can hardly imagine a former president getting into a car and traveling across the country unaccompanied by staff or guards, but that is exactly what Harry Truman did.

Then there are presidents who have inspired many books. Our library has over 70 items listed in our catalog about John F. Kennedy and an equal number on Abraham Lincoln. In fact, there have been so many books written about Abraham Lincoln, that historians at the Ford's Theater Center for Education and Leadership have created a tower of books written about him. The tower is 34 feet high and 8 feet in circumference. It contains 7,000 of the approximately 15,000 books that have been written about Lincoln. 

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