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Willow the Water Bear

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Monday, September 21, 2020

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The library is a WiFi hotspot as part of the state Kids Connect program. Kids can access these hotspots to complete school assignments. The best place to access our hotspot would be from our back parking lot or the Gallery behind it. A picnic table and several benches are available in the Gallery. To reach this area, turn down Walnut Street between the library and St. Paul's Church.

WV Autism Training Center at Marshall University - Information Sessions for Parents of Children Newly Diagnosed with Autism

There is also an evening session from 6-7 p.m. You must call the number on the flyer to register

Tips for Reading to Your Older Children 
(The Ones Who Can Read for Themselves)

The value of reading to children is undeniable.  It should be continued as long as possible. Below are some hints about how to keep reading to your older children from The Five Minute Librarian.

1.      Start a book that's above your child's reading level. This helps build vocabulary and comprehension. People learn words by hearing them in context and can understand at a level above what they can read.

2.     Try reading funny books, laughing is more fun together.

3.      Have your child pick out a special bedtime book and other books for during the day from the library. If your child can't choose, have them read the first page of each and then make their decision.

4.     Try reading short stories or fairy tales at night so there's no compulsion to read the book the next day. This could be a collection of Disney stories, Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries, or any other story collection.  Older kids (6th, 7th and 9th graders) who like scary stories could even be introduced to Edgar Allen Poe's horror stories.

5.      Listen to audio books together in the car. We have added several audio books on CD recently that are children's classics. Audio books can also be downloaded from Overdrive to a phone. Many newer vehicles will connect books on the phone to the car's sound system. There are many in the Kids and Teens sections of our digital library that could start a good discussion with your tween or teen.

The library also had a series of books called, "We Both Read" that have alternating pages. One for a child to read, and the next page for an adult to read. These books are designed for children from Preschool to 4th grade.

If all else fails, you can each grab your own book and read next to each other. Then, if you or your child come across something fun or interesting, you can share it with each other. Parents who read tend to have kids who read.

Resource Fair

State Facts for Students

What does the census do with all the information it collects? It keeps your information private, but it counts the information in categories so we can find statistics about our state and the country as a whole. For example, they add up how many children there are in each state by age and gender. They also count businesses including toy stores, amusement parks, and ice cream shops. The census had created a page just for kids to tell about things that might be interesting to them. Check it out at State Facts for Students!

Summer Reading

Junior Library Guild Providing Free eBooks Until May 31

Junior Library Guild is providing free access to children's books until May 31. To find books to read, go to You can choose to select from Elementary, Middle School, or High School Level books by entering the appropriate username and password. The usernames and passwords must be entered in capital letters.

Elementary Level -  User Name: JLGELM    Password: JLGFREE
Middle School Level - User Name: JLGMID Password: JLGFREE
High School Level - User Name: JLGHI  Password: JLGFREE 

Ben's Guide to the US Government
New quizzes and PDF activities are now available from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government. These educational and fun activities are perfect to keep young minds busy during quarantine.

For Bad Kitty Fans

A free downloadable coloring book, Bad Kitty Wash Your Paws, available at  in it Kitty learns how and when to wash her paws.

Fun Games that Promote Learning

PBS Kids in conjunction with ABC Mouse has a page full of fun games that build skills for kids. Try a few at

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